If you’re looking for sharing reels on Instagram story without posting, also want to know some latest tricks to decorate your Instagram story then do follow the article carefully.

In this blog post, we are going to share some easy and advance steps to share reels on Instagram story without posting them into post section. Lets start.

Share reels on Instagram Story Steps to Follow:

  1. Tap the Share button at the bottom of the Reel.
  2. Select Story from the sharing options.
  3. Add any text or stickers you want to include with your Reel.
  4. Tap Share To Your Story.
  5. Your Reel will now be shared on your story without being posted on your feed.
  6. You can still share it to other places, like your feed, by tapping the Share button again and selecting a different option.

Note: If you share a Reel to your story and then delete it from your story, it will also be deleted from your feed.

You can easily save your story with Instagram feature if you delete your story. The saved story is in your Gallery section of your smartphone.


I Hope, Here you would love to read article about how you can share story on instagram without posting them into feed. If you find something helpful bookmark this website for future updates.

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