YUME S10 Review Here and today we are reviewing one of the most underrated electric scooters on the market yumi esten this is not just another electric scooter for the price tag of 800 dollars it has some surprising features if you consider buying an electric scooter for under one thousand dollars then it would be extremely hard to find one with the similar specs some has no suspension some are slow as hell or might not look as good as you want this is a no bs yumi s10 review.

So let’s get right into it the most impressive spec of this electric scooter is that for the price of 800 dollars it has the maximum speed of 30 miles per hour in fact this number is not accurate yep the scooter reached the speed of 30.8 miles per hour which is around 50 kilometers per hour.

Well the road we chose wasn’t long enough regardless the scooter was still gaining speed when i had to hit the brakes so we gave it another try and only after finding the ideal conditions for the test we managed to accelerate the scooter to a speed of 34 miles per hour or 55 kilometers per hour this number was gps verified too the scooter’s display actually showed 62 kilometers per hour or 38.5 miles per hour which we believe is not 100 percent accurate so looking at this data we are confident that the yume s10 is one of the fastest budget options on the market right now.

It’s also worth mentioning that my weight is around 76 kilograms or 167 pounds 10 pounds more or less and you would probably get a different speed talking about acceleration if you compare yumi s10 with more expensive dual motor scooters you’d notice that it takes a bit more time for the s10 to reach its top speed since it has a single motor because of that you would not get the torque when you start your ride but for its price it’s definitely still worth every penny

The scooter’s single thousand watt motor is also not the best one for steep hills we tried different heals and the ones with a small angle were the best ones the scooter could climb still thanks to the decent max speed the yumi s10 was able to get on top of quite steep hills.

The advertised range of the yumi s10 is 30 miles i was thinking that’s probably for the first gear which is super slow about 50 miles per hour so i was curious to know if this was true with a fully charged battery i went out for a test drive i decided to ride the way i usually do with all the traffic lights walking people different road types and also switching between the second and third speed modes not the first gear well as you might have guessed i drove as fast as i could but there were also parts where i had to lower the speed also i made many stops which meant that the scooter had to accelerate again and again.

So until the battery got completely empty the scooter managed to cover a distance of 39.8 kilometers or 24.7 miles which is not bad at all as soon as i was lowering my speed gear it showed me more battery left which proves that if i was in gear 1 and 2 all the time it probably would have had even better range so 30 miles is a true claim.

By the way the s10 has three speed modes to switch between the gears you first have to press the on off button then the mode you are currently on would start flickering after which you have to press the mode button to switch between the speed modes it was a bit confusing in the beginning but i got used to it in almost no time for its price tag.

The s10 has such a wonderful combo it comes with 10 inch off-road tires great max speed decent battery double suspension and zoom disc brakes with other brands you can hardly find that specs at that price we tested this scooter on both off-road and normal surfaces and here is the result to be honest the suspension feels a bit soft it feels very smooth on the regular city roads but you should avoid hitting the curbs on higher speeds this is actually because of the soft suspension you would immediately feel that hit when going on top of that curb for the same reason.

The s-10 isn’t a good option if you are planning to ride off-road but grass would be okay so it’s good for commuting and shortcuts but not for off-roading if you look at the design of the ums 10 we got to say that it’s pretty attractive the s10 is mostly painted in black color apart from the Yume logos and a couple of elements that are dark red also both wheel rims are painted gold one disadvantage of the design is that you can’t use the rear fender as a footrest my shoe size is us12 and the width of the deck seems fine to me however when riding a scooter i prefer my heel to be placed on the footrest because of that habit.

When i step on the stance fender it immediately starts to bend a little bit it’s not a big deal but you might want to take this into account when considering this scooter we have seen people adding an aftermarket footrest to the s10.

So this issue is easy to fix let’s take a look at the lights now the s10 has a standard trio of lights the front white rear red and led strips on the sides the front light is well attached so it doesn’t wobble and neither does it make any weird sounds when on the go the led strips flicker red green and blue lights and that’s the only mode that the s10 offers.

The scooter also has turn lights that are integrated into the rear light but their functionality is pretty poor the turn lights are too small and not bright enough for others to see them talking about portability the yume s10 is very portable you literally can fold and unfold it in no time its handlebars are also foldable moreover it weights just 60 pounds that’s 27 kilograms so when necessary you can easily carry and transport it wherever you need to go because it will most likely fit in all cars including the small ones.

We definitely recommend you yume s10 it’s not a perfect scooter since it’s a budget friendly option but at the same time it offers you a great value for your money it’s a great commuter with about average specs and a smiling price tag let us know in the comments below.

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